Arctic Sounds

THANK YOU! for a fantastic Arctic Sounds 2016

The festival dates for 2017 has been set at april 6th – 9th with workshop program starting march 30th.

– See below for band descriptions and links to sound and additional artist info from our 2016 program.

– Booking for 2017 has started, so send us an email if you would like to be featured on next years festival.

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Main Venues

Nalunnguarfimmut 7
3911 Sisimiut

Hotel Sisimiut
Aqqusinersuaq 86
3911 Sisimiut

Timersortarfik / Sports Hal


Ticket sales for Arctic Sounds 2017 will start december 1st.

Networking and Co-creation

In 2017 we will feature playgrounds and cocreation activities in these fields:

Network development

Recording and music production

Vocal technique

Electronic music

Songwriting / co-writing



Event management




    • CA-NU

      Kathleen Merritt

      Canadian Inuit throat-singer and poet Kathleen Ivaluarjuk Merritt (IVA) is joined with Nunavut singer-songwriter Jesse Tuluraqjuk and Greenland actor, musician and throat-singer Hans Henrick Poulsen to bring you memorizing performance that feature sounds of Greenland and Nunavut.

    • theembla


      The Embla

      Inspired by ancient drum song traditions from around the globe The Embla evokes a naked savagery of pulsating rhythm ad expressive vocal. A raw and heartfelt expression that cuts to the bone.

      Music video

    • Elvira


      Elvira Aldevinge

      Elvira Aldevinge is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She writes music influenced by jazz, soul, blues and pop.
      In 2014 she released her first single “Embrace me”.



    • Mattias


      Mattias Jonsson

      Being a fan of British hip-hop as well as the Swedish indie-scene, Mattias Jonsson combines his influences into cheerful melodies with pensive lyrics. The results are rather joyful but melancholic pieces of music ranging from simple acoustic arrangements to upbeat synth-based pop. 
Exclusively for Arctic Sounds Jonsson will be accompanied on stage by Linnea Sidfäldt and Elvira Aldevinge, whom will also perform solo gigs at the festival.


    • jessica


      Jessica Florence

      A young local singer, guitarist and songwriter. Jessica is a well known performer in Sisimiut where she often presents her songs at the monthly Open Stage event in Taseralik.

    • Linnea


      Linnéa Sidfäldt

      Linnéa Sidfäldt sings in Swedish and English. The music is pop with jazz influence, and her voice is fragile and dreamy.
      Improvisation and free structure are both important elements of her songwriting.

    • BrettPerkins

      DK / US

      Brett Perkins

      Brett Perkins is a songwriters’ songwriter: Having been involved as a writer, recording artist, performer and presenter since emerging in the the early ’80’s club scene is his native Southern California.

      His songs and voice appear in 12 albums, along with numerous film and tv placements (MTV, Anna Pihl, etc.), 1st Place Selections in International Songwriting Competitions (Great American, Australian) and have been recorded by several artists internationally, including the Top 10 debut single by Sony Denmark artist Mads Langer.


    • Rokkvi



      ”Rökkvi” is an Old Norse word denoting that particular quality of the light, both at dawn and dusk, which is somehow in-between day and night, light and dark. For Rógvi Odvørson, this ambiguous luminescence carries deep significance. In his pop-infused electro rock songs, he lays bare his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. Unflinchingly honest in regards to himself and his soul, the energy and nerve of his sing-along songs bear witness to a hope and a light beyond the dark.


    • inuitfeet


      Inuit Feet

      We are very happy to welcome back Inuit Feet to Arctic Sounds. The band was one of the biggest surprises at the first edition of Arctic Sounds in 2014. They were almost totally unknown in Sisimiut prior to their shows, but that changed when they delivered 2 outstanding concerts including the closing concert of the festival.

      The band returns with a new lineup, but at the center of it all is still Kristian Mikkelsen’s wonderful songs and energetic stage performance.

      Since 2014 they have received well deserved attention and regular airplay on national radio as well as played several concerts including Nipiaa Rock Festival in Aasiaat


    • AE



      Arctic Accusto one man Folk Rock band with sharp edges, dark corners.
      Æ has released a few handfuls of albums in both North-Norwegian, English and Swedish and toured his way around, since departing from the European album/touring Dunkelpop outfit Schtimm mid 00s.

      Æ’s music is often labeled “wry and original, yet melodic nu-troubadouring with strong lyrics”

      Or as MTVIggys DJ Pangburn describes him: “A man of great wit and humor, he also seems to be standing at the edge of an abyss, staring down into it only to remark, “Fuck, I guess it’s time to jump in”


      Music Video

    • NO

      Ingeborg Oktober

      21 year old Ingeborg Oktober released her critically acclaimed debut album “Hjerteræk” in 2014, and has already played such prestigeous festivals as By:Larm, Trondheim Calling, Bukta and Træna.

      Her music may be catchy, but it’s not uncomplicated. It may, too, be beautiful, but it’s not without resistance. And it may be young, but it’s certainly not naive.

      There are more questions than answers in her music, and Ingeborg proves that young vitality and guts don’t necessarily come in the shape of foot-on-the-monitor, directionless use of effects and dance formatted beats.


    • punjab



      Jazz-inspired alternative funk rock.
      Punjab, formed in 2012 by six talented youngsters, whom have long since won the hearts of a growing audience through their strong live performances across the Faroese music stages, such as at the G! Festival, Voxbotn, Tórsfest, Við Múrin, the Country & Blues Festival as well as other concerts and events.

      During this time, Punjab have purposefully worked on their new release, entitled “The Flying Elephant,” which was released on september 18th. The release concert was sold out, before the show had even start


      Music video – Hairy Woman

    • hattivatti


      Hatti Vatti

      Since 2009, vinyl releases for english, irish and polish labels have
      marked this Polish producer apart for his cinematic take on
      bass­driven electronic music. His last release ­ “Worship Nothing” LP
      (2014) ­sees Hatti Vatti’s artistic journey culminate into a single,
      coherent vision, a vision that is simultaneously spacious and deeply
      intimate. HV was promoting his last solo album with performances in Poland,
      Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Belgium and
      He’s working with regarded polish musicians in other projects:
      “HV/NOON”, “Nanook of the North” and “FFRANCIS”.



    • 11831665_396753957190774_3768465128105595442_n



      We are very honored to welcome Nina, who has just finished recording sessions with the faroese producer Orka.
      She will be playing unplugged at the festival presenting the songs from her forthcoming album.

    • postyr



      The Danish vocal group POSTYR gives vocal music a facelift with their five voices, one computer and catchy melodies. The group has become known worldwide for their characteristic and evocative sound, combining five gripping voices with sampled beats and heartfelt songwriting, also making POSTYR’s live performances unprecedented in the international music landscape.



    • martinpraetorius


      Martin Praetorius

      Martin Praetorius is a singer/songwriter and a roamer through the ever-changing state of heart and soul.
      On his way, he prefers to travel light: he writes songs that only need an acoustic guitar and a voice to sway an audience.

      Praetorius offers a bunch of well-crafted songs from his latest release “Affairs of the heart” and many more, newly written tunes that evolved from his travels through Ireland, the UK and Scandinavia in recent years.


    • stillhead



      Alex cites a heavily Nordic influence within his Stillhead work. From Danish electronic acts like Lulu Rouge, Trentemoller and Mike Sheridan to the Icelandic Tonik Ensemble and Kura.

      His debut album, Iceberg brings us 12 tracks that span the spectrum of electronic music from ambient numbers, through dubby down-tempo trip hop tracks, to glitched-out minimal drum & bass and beyond.


    • kuuk



      With dirty lyrics, bass-fueled rap and crazy stage outfits, KUUK is an explosive, aggressive and confrontational live act, that has the power to incite riots should the mood change. You just can’t take your eyes of the band, it’s edgy and it’s very, very raw.

      Music Video

    • nanook



      Nanook – the polar bear above them all is a rockband that tours a lot in and outside of Greenland. Though they only sing in Greenlandic the band has been on stages like The Kennedy Center in Washington, The legendary scene in Tokyo ´O-West´ and Gamla Bió in Iceland just to mention a few. It is a hard working band that has made 4 studioalbums, 1 live-album and DVD and a couple of singles – all in just 6 years. Nanook is one of the most-selling bands in newer Greenlandic music history and the songwriters in the band are the only ones in Greenland to receive the annual KODA Award twice. One for their debut album ´Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit´ and one for their latest album ´Pissaaneqaqisut´. The band has been touring a lot in Greenland the years they’ve been a band, and their first show this year will be at the Arctic Sounds Festival!


    • atsinnermiut



      Greenlandic alternative rock from Sisimiut. After their recent show in Nuuk with Danny and the Vetoes they are sharper that ever, and they are sure to deliver a rocking performance at Arctic Sounds


    • kirstinebirk


      Kirstine Birk

      Kirstine Birk is a Danish singer/songwriter inspired by the sound of the seventies.

      Kirstine put out her debut album ‘On a Day Like This’ in 2006 and her second album ‘Patience’ came out in 2013. Both albums received fine reviews and six singles were air played regularly on Danish Radio. ‘Patience’ was chosen as ‘Music of The Week’ in the most popular Danish magazine for women, ‘Alt For Damerne’.

      Ever since she was a part of ‘The Nordic Co-writing Summit, 2013’ in The Greenlandic House in Copenhagen, she has wanted to share her music with the audience at Arctic Sounds.




    • sofiaekberg


      Sofia Ekberg

      Singer/songwriter from Gothenburg Sweden, plays music in the field of folk-country-pop: Americana with a Scandinavian edge.
      Sofia sings stories about daily life, its big questions and small details, with a voice and lyrics that get under your skin. All accompanied by her rhythmical guitar playing.
She released her debut Ep All the Small Details 2013, and since then music has taken her places such as Ireland, USA and Scandinavia, playing venues, festivals and house-concerts.
      When Sofia is not playing and touring, she runs the singer/songwriter course at Löftadalens folkhögskola and is a member of the trio My Quiet Companion, that appeared last year at The Arctic Sounds.
      This year, however, she is looking forward to playing solo.


    • ChristianWinther 2


      Christian Winther

      In January 2015 Christian Winther released his first solo album. With nine sturdy tracks, all written in Danish and created over a longer period of time, Christian Winther conveys his personal encounters with life and some of the challenges it often brings along. Emerging from the acoustic singer-songwriter genre, Christian tackles death, life and love in his lyrics.The vaporous acoustic universe brings the sombre topics to life.

      This time Christian is bringing his band.


Artist application

Artists who would like to apply for participation in workshop and / or festival can send an email with all relevant information.