Arctic Sounds

Arctic Sounds 2017: April 6th – 9th.

Arctic Sounds is an annual music festival in Sisimiut, Greenland. We present artists from the nordic countries (Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Åland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) as well as artists from Inuit Nunangat (Nunavut, Nunavik, Nunatsiavut and NunatuKavut). The main focus when booking is ‘songwriting’ in the broadest sense of the word.

We are working very hard to finish the 2017 program, and we have just started posting artist descriptions here on our website.

We are looking forward to welcoming both artists and audience for another awesome Arctic Sounds festival!

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Main Venues

Nalunnguarfimmut 7
3911 Sisimiut

Hotel Sisimiut
Aqqusinersuaq 86
3911 Sisimiut

Timersortarfik / Sports Hal


Ticket sales for Arctic Sounds 2017 has started. For now, only via email (see below), but soon the tickets will also be available in Taseralik, Sisimiut


In 2017 we will feature playgrounds and cocreation activities in these fields:

Network development

Recording and music production

Electronic music

Music and the media

Songwriting / co-writing



Event management




    • DK/US/FR/NL

      Michaut / Perkins

      ‘La Boheme Meets L.A. In This French/American Folk/Pop Duo’

      Michaut/Perkins is the Love child of Paris born/Amsterdam based songwriter Magali Michaut (Vocal, guitar, violin, piano, ukulele) and Los Angeles born/Copenhagen based songwriter Brett Perkins (Vocal, guitar, ukulele, percussion).

      Their 2016 debut ‘Hello Love’ CD has generated international airplay, strong reviews and tour dates in Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland and US thus far.


    • GL/DK/DE

      Lumholt – Geerken – Osgood – Snöleoparden

      Four absolutely outstanding musicians join forces in a Nordic cooperation.
      The collaboration started in 2013. The theme is a journey to each Nordic country, and the meeting with the music and the people who play it. The first first tour was in Denmark with a number of successful concerts and workshops.
      Next tour is in Greenland in 2017, where they will travel to 4 cities to play concerts. During the trip there will be meetings with some of the traditional Inuit artists and the young Greenlandic music talents. A concert of this group will involve the audience and local musicians on stage, as well as inspiration from the Greenlandic nature and culture.

      The four musicians: Pauline Lumholt (DK / GR), Hartmut Geerken (DE), Kresten Osgood (DK)
      Snöleoparde (US / Pakistan).

    • GL


      Atsinnermiut is a greenlandic indie-rock band, based in Greenland’s second-largest city Sisimiut.
      The band started as some friends coming together for a couple of jam-nights during the summer break in 2014. One thing led to another, and soon the band counted the 5 present members.

      The band is based on frontman and main songwriter Apunnguaq Schmidt’s songs. The lyrics gives a unique insight to the greenlandic youth’s thoughts, dreams and hopes; both for themselves and for their country.
      The band’s well-worked arrangements gives the perfect energy and ambience to the songs, and makes the unique sound that defines Atsinnermiut.


    • GL

      Jessica Florence

      Jessica Florence is a young Indonesian born singer/songwriter who has lived in Greenland most of her life. Despite this, Jessica considers herself as being “just from planet earth”, and nature is the place she goes to find the inspiration for her song.
      For Arctic Sounds 2017 she will be accompanied by guitarist Jakob Schmitz Mouridsen and violinist/keyboard player Kristine Kier Jørgensen; both talented, proffesional musicians from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark.
      With her contemporary singer/songwriter sound and her lyrics focusing on the topics “life”, “love” and the world that we are all a part of, you are guaranteed a unique experience.


    • SE

      My Quiet Companion

      The Swedish, Gothenburg based trio ‘My Quiet Companion’ (Sofia Ekberg, Patrick Rydman and Henrik Cederblom) was formed in the autumn of 2012, out of pure joy, when jamming together while producing Sofia’s EP ”All The Small Details”. The group performs original songs in the style of folk, roots, chanson, americana and a bit of pop. My Quiet Companion has played live across Sweden, where they, among other things, have opened for Aoife O’Donovan of Crooked Still and shared the stage with Adam Levy (songwriter/guitarist from Norah Jones’ Handsome Band). In 2016, the trio also has had great succsess with a concert program, interpreting Springsteen in their own way.
      With three guitars, mandolin, dobro, stompboard and harmony singing they create a groovy intimate sound where you can lean back and listen to the tales of the songs…
      It is catchy Americana with a Scandinavian edge.



    • GL

      Jonas Hammer

      Former local boy, entertainer, musician and songwriter Jonas Hammer has returned to Sisimiut to pay his respects to the melting heart of the world; Greenland.
      Jonas has brought along his talented friend and co singer/songwriter Jesper Sønnichsen, and together, they guarantee a fierce, dynamic, and a uniquely touching show.
      Jonas is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Musicology, and his scientific work in the music business will be reflected in the show. He also serves as a guitar player for bands like San Rexus, and Arctic Sounds 17’ feature: Range of New.
      The songs will be in Danish, English & Greenlandic.



    • IS

      Stereo Hypnosis

      Father and son – Óskar Thorarensen one of the founders of the collective Brut art group Inferno 5 (1984), Pan Thorarensen and Thorkell Atlasson form the electronic trio Stereo Hypnosis.

      The trio was stabilized, between field recording and photo sessions in the remote island Flatey (2006). They have an organic sound, serene and down tempo – electronic climbing the Icelandic unforgiving highlands.

      Stereo Hypnosis has constructed five albums: Parallel Island, Hypnogogia, Synopsis (in collaboration with the Italian sound artist Pulse) Glossolalia & Morphic Ritual.


    • FR

      Magali Michaut

      ‘Chanson française meets folk ballads and classical music’

      French singer-songwriter living in Amsterdam, Magali Michaut began her musical career as a violin conservatory student. She’s now expanded to piano, guitar and ukulele, regularly playing the Dutch songwriter scene as well as abroad. Her debut CD ’Bonjour’ presents a voice that evokes candlelit Parisian cafes and lengthy, late night conversations, accompanied with sparse guitar, piano and violin arrangements.


    • NO


      Æ- The North Norwegian artist has been around a long time, both as part as Central-Europe touring outfits like Schtimm, and as a solo artist. Playing a number of countries, and releasing albums in different languages.
      Æ played AS last year, both as a solo artist, and as part of Likholmen. He even recorded an EP during his stay, which of course was called Sisimiut

      The song “Kanskje…” from his latest album “Endetidsbilda” got some heavy rotation on Norwegian Radio, and the album itself got some serious praise in the media.



    • DK


      Songwriter and artist Lasse Vestergaard and producer and sound designer Jacob Lee Horney has teamed up creating a clash of contemporary folk songs combined with a nordic cinematic sound. This is narratives in their native language in an electronic sound scape. Vestergaard was nominated for a danish music award for his latest relase in 2013, and Jacob Lee has been producing grammy nominated albums in DK.



    • GL

      Secure Escape

      Secure Escape is a noise rock band formed in late 2012. The band is: Jukka Wagnholt on guitar and vocal, Martin Zinck on drums and backing vocals, Jan Rasmussen on bass.
      They played their first concert at Arctic Sounds ’15 with overwhelming response from the audience. The band started recording their debut album in January 2016, which was then released in January 2017. So with new songs, the band can’t wait to come back to Arctic Sounds and blast out some noise rock.


    • DK


      Copenhagen-based electronic music composer Jakob Schmid combines the harmonies and aesthetics of 70s and 80s new age music with deep basslines and beats of contemporary UK electronic music. The result is both melancholic and energetic.

      Schmid has decades of experience in computer music, starting with using tracker software in the 80s, progressing towards creating his own experimental music software, including new types of synthesizers.

      Schmid composed the music for multi-award-winning rhythm video game ‘140’, a journey into a world of abstract shapes and beautiful harmonies, accompanied by pulsing beats at 140 BPM.



    • SE

      Petrus Nordh

      Petrus Nordh is a singer/musician/ songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden. He has a soulful and contemporary sound that contains traces of new pop, retro funk and old blues. He writes about his grey surroundings and his relationships with others and himself. This can be heard on his first mini-album ”Too Free EP”, a collection of songs that are easy to relate to, yet still rewards repeated listens.


    • IS


      Árni Grétar (born 6 December 1983), best known under the pseudonym Futuregrapher, is an electronic musician described by Grapevine magazine in 2009 as “fucking brilliant.” He founded the indie record label Möller Records in 2011.

      Futuregrapher has released four critical acclaimed albums and remixed many artists; Ghostigital, Samaris, Mick Chillage and Ruxpin (to name a few). Live events all around Iceland and has toured in both N-America and Europe. Worked and made music with many artists, like Japanese sound artist Gallery Six and Icelandic composer Jón Ólafsson.


    • FI/DK

      Mirja Klippel

      Songwriter of the Year – that’s the name of the prestigious price the jury of Danish Music Awards Folk 2016 chose to give to the young Finnish singer and songwriter Mirja Klippel. Klippel was granted the award based on her debut EP Lift Your Lion, where she plays with the recognized Danish guitarist Alex Jønsson.
      Klippel sings of love, war and longing; of blood ties and grandfathers fighting each for their own country. Of the forests, lakes and animals. She sings of nomad life and compassion – and of never completely belonging anywhere. The texts are a string of intense and at times held back feelings, that explode when Klippel’s deep, longing voice and Spanish guitar meets Jønsson’s falsetto and freely phrasing electric guitar.

      Klippel’s music is a flare – poetic and personal songs, that light up even the deepest of forests and darkest of souls.

    • GL


      The band “Malik” was established in 2012 by lead the singer Malik Kleist. That same year they published their first album entitled “Nammineq Uanga” (Myself).

      The Albums genre is hard rock led by the lead singer’s powerful voice.

      Malik Kleist is known for his voice, which could be compared to Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder or Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell or somewhere between the two.

      Malik is a technical band with riff-based and melodic rock that varies from rock to pop-rock, so you will with no doubt have a good experience to see them live, if you like rock music in general.

      The singer, Malik Kleist, and guitarist Angunnguaq Larsen is also known from the very well rock band “Chilly Friday” which was really popular in Greenland in the early 2000, wich was known for hit songs like Iggo & Qivittut.


    • SE

      Annika Fehling

      Annika Fehling is a world-touring Swedish singer-songwriter from the magical island of Gotland.
      Annika has 12 CDalbum to her credit, the latest ones “Rust&Gold “and “Fireflies” met with both critical and commercial success. She is also part of the successful swedish trio GLIMRA that released their debut album 2013 .
      She produces Songwriters Retreats, Living Room concert series, and the Visbyfestival in August every year.

      Reverb Nation

    • EE

      Juhani “Vinland” Jaeger

      Urban folk, acoustic, sometimes deep, sometimes romantic, sometimes provocative – Juhani “Vinland” Jaeger sings of simple joys and simple longings. These bright-eyed and thoughtful Estonian songs make you feel light and hopeful. They long for brightness, purity and honesty in oneself and those you meet on your way.



    • DK

      Range of New

      Range Of New, is the musical outcome of the meeting of four guys in the spring of 2016, originally based on the works by conductor and frontman Jonas Froberg (spijon).
      This magical lineup, includes the solid rhythm section of Michael Fenger on the drums, tracing back to his punk roots, -and the charismatic bass player Tommy Boel, who’s background in samba and world music adds a certain groove that compliments this rock band’s original sound with perfection. On lead guitar and harmonies, no other than Jonas Hammer, the local instrumental virtuous from Sisimiut.
      Range Of New will give you a musical experience out of the ordinary, with their piano based ballads and stadium like performance.

    • Marie Hahne Duo


      Marie Hahne Duo

      What makes this duo unique is the way they seek the border of the simple expression while retaining the intensity.

      Marie Hahne: Singer/songwriter
      Mads Houe: Bass

      Together they have created a new sound that embraces the songs of Marie Hahne, and gives them a very special vibe. In the songs the audience is invited into a lyrical universe where there is time for reflection and room for the thoughts to fly freely. Through the lyrics Marie Hahne relates to different feelings and thoughts that occur during the small moments of reflection. Included in the repertoire is the song ”A quiet land full of life” written to Greenland and it’s beautiful surroundings.


    • GL

      Da Bartali Crew

      Da Bartali Crew (DBC) is an electronic constellation from Nuuk, Greenland. DBC mixes different genres such as House, Hip-Hop, Ambient music and many more.


    • GL

      Apunnguaq Schmidt

      Apunnguaq is a greenlandic Sisimiut-based singer, musician and songwriter. He has a contemporary sound which is influenced by country and pop. Lyrics-wise he focuses on the topics of love, happiness, society, and whichever problems you may come across when you are a greenlandic adolescent. Some of his written songs can be heard here

    • FO


      The story of Jógvan is the story of a young man who since childhood has had his share of life’s ups and downs. It has been a bumpy road where music always has been a trusted companion, especially in those moments when life seemed rough: “I’ve used music to escape and to channel my emotions”, Jógvan bluntly explains.

      Jógvan released his first EP ”Love That You Love” in february 2016. Four lyrics in English and one in Faroese. The lyrics are characterized by bluntness and nothing is wrapped or hidden. Musically speaking these are atmospheric soul pop tracks with hints of electronic moods.
      Jógvan is one of the most exciting Faroese names at the moment, with nominees and live performances on national TV and crowds of thousands, carrying in his bag.

      Jógvan can perform with his trio, consisting of Per Ingvald on drums, Torleik Mortensen on bass and Jogvan on guitar and vocal, as well as he can perform solo



    • GL

      Nuka Alice

      Nuka Alice started learning inuit drum dance in 2009 with traditional songs. Drum dancing wasn’t part of her life growing up since drum dancing was banned on the west coast of Greenland. In this concert Nuka Alice will explain and sing her own drum songs, and songs she has co-written with others.

    • GL

      Inunnguaq Petrussen

      Inunnguaq Petrussen is a songwriter and has great success with his group INUK. Simplicity and melancoli are profound in the songs, while singing about the dark side of love and sometimes questioning life and love. Inunnguaq has released two albums with INUK and will hit the studio again this summer for the third album. He is also currently playing with the eighties reggae band Aalut and with Kishima as a guitarist. Inunnguaq is very active and mainly you will see him with his band INUK playing concerts everywhere in Greenland but mostly in Nuuk every other weekend in the bars.

    • LT

      Arma Agharta

      Armantas Gečiauskas a.k.a. Arma is a sound performance artist and curator from Lithuania, and has been active since 1998. Currently he is performing as “Arma Agharta” and organizing events under “Agharta” (since 2009). His live shows stand between musique concrete and DIY shamanism. Odd costumes and gestures work along with serious live electronic soundscapes improvised with soviet vintage electronics, acoustic objects and circuit bent gear.


    • SE

      Carina Mare

      Carina Mare is a singer from Gothenburg Sweden who later in life has found her passion in songwriting. With her piano and soulful voice, she drags you into her story of life and sings about longing, power and love. Her style is broad but mostly influenced by jazz/soul/folk. Inspired by the style of songwriter Norah Jones and singer Joss Stone her songs span from a groovy to a small intimate expression.


    • GL


      Isuma from Nuuk plays Alternative / Heavy metal. The band was founded in 2015 by lead singer Nick Ørbæk Jacobsen and drummer Nukappiannguaq Vetterlain. Later lead guitarist Martin Berglund Eskildsen and bass guitarist Saamu Rasmussen joined the band.
      Just 14 days after the band was founded they had their live debut in a local music competition which they won. This earned them a trip to Denmark to perform at the annual festival “Ungdomsringens musikfestival” in Aalborg. After the trip Saamu Rasmussen left the band and was replaced by Qillaq Petrussen. Since then Isuma have played several concerts and they are currently working on their debut album.


    • GL


      Piitsukkut is a rock band from the late 1970’s. The band gained popularity in Greenland in 1980 when they released their LP “Inuiaat Naqisimaneqartugut Kattutta”. Piitsukkut’s music style is hard rock. The band got reunited in Inussivik in 2008 and 2009, where they performed and co-operated with various other artists. The band was the closing act of the 2016 Aasivik music festival in Narsaq. Their latest performance was in Mutten in Nuuk in November 2016, where they had ISUMA as their backing band

    • GL / DK

      Malu Rohmann

      Malu Rohmann is a Greenlandic / Danish songwriter. Since 2010 she has played concerts in both Greenland and Denmark with her own songs. Her songs often deal with the subjects of identity, and the conflicts that sometimes can occur, when you are both Danish and Greenlandic.
      Malu is inspired by soul and jazz music, but together with her band she has created a musical expression that leans heavily on the electronic pop music.


    • SE


      Juliah is a singer and songwriter based in Gothenburg, Sweden. With her personal lyrics, gentle sound and ukulele, she takes you on a journey through jazz and folkpop where you’ll meet a mixture of melancholy, love and pain.
      On February 16, 2017, Juliah released her debut EP – “Sincerely Yours”. 4 songs focusing on the topic we all know so well – Love. Both the happy and the devastating kind.


Artist application

Booking for 2017 is complete. However, we still have room on our networking and cocreation program, NORDIC PLAYGROUNDS. Artists who would like to participate in NORDIC PLAYGROUNDS can send an email with all relevant information.


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