About Arctic Sounds

Arctic Sounds 2018: March 29th – April 2nd.

Arctic Sounds is an annual music festival in Sisimiut, Greenland. We present artists from the nordic countries (Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Åland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) as well as artists from Inuit Nunangat (Nunavut, Nunavik, Nunatsiavut and NunatuKavut). The main focus when booking is ‘songwriting’ in the broadest sense of the word.

2018 will be our 5 year anniversary, and we have great plans in the making.

We are looking forward to welcoming both artists, network- and co-creation partners, guests and audience for another awesome Arctic Sounds festival!

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In 2018 we will feature playgrounds and cocreation activities in these fields:

Network development

Recording and music production

Electronic music

Music and the media

Songwriting / co-writing



Event management


There will also be excellent opportunities for getting out in the back country by snowmobile or dogsled and experience the extraordinary greenlandic nature firsthand.

Dates are: march 26th – april 2nd

Come join us for an unforgettable and productive time :)



    • GL


      Apunnguaq is a singer, songwriter and musician from Sisimiut, Greenland. Apunnguaq’s style is a contemporary mix of country and pop, and lyrics-wise his main focuses are on the topics of love, youth, happiness, sadness, and many more. Apunnguaq is the frontman of Atsinnermiut, but will play solo on Arctic Sounds 2018.

    • SE

      Annika Fehling

      Annika Fehling is a world-touring Swedish singer-songwriter from the magical island of Gotland.
      Annika has 12 CDalbum to her credit, the latest ones “Rust&Gold “and “Fireflies” met with both critical and commercial success. She is also part of the successful swedish trio GLIMRA that released their debut album 2013 .
      She produces Songwriters Retreats, Living Room concert series, and the Visbyfestival in August every year.

      Reverb Nation

    • FO


      Founded in 2016, Faroese quartet Svartmálm has quietly been causing whispers in musical circles with their select performances. Svartmálm creates ceremonial compositions ranging from abject aggression to atmospheric melancholy. Where the slow majesty of doom is combined with the whirlwind stasis of black and the collective groove is interwined with ambient soundscapes.


    • DK

      Vibeke Falden

      Danish vocalist and composer Vibeke Falden creates and performes her music on a platform of electronics.
      The result is an original, sparkling and catchy sound that evolves from a melodic mixture of electronica and pop, added scenic chords of vocal, spoken word and organic beats.
      As a driving force in her own record label, wUNDERwELT music, Falden is a dynamic, entrepreneurial and creative player on the booming Danish music scene.


    • DK

      Sonja Hald

      Sonja Hald is a construction project of a group of free musicians from the Danish midlands. The musical creation takes place through a series of confidential impregnancies and is quickly recorded to preserve the fresh aroma. Each wooden leg is fired in the attempt of earthly contact. Sonja Hald is like another jodhpur’s tight-knitting around the lower leg of the mad Denmark.


Artist application

Booking for 2018 is open. We also have room on our networking and cocreation program, NORDIC PLAYGROUNDS. Artists who would like to apply for the festival, and networkers, artists etc. who want to participate in NORDIC PLAYGROUNDS can send an email with all relevant information.


A million thanks to our sponsors, without whom none of this would be possible:

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