Nordic Playgrounds

2019-imi festivalertoqarnerani aamma ukuninnga NORDIC PLAYGROUNDS-imi sammisaqartitsilluta pikkorissatitsissaagut:

  • Attaveqaqatigiinneq
  • Nipilersuutinik immiussineq
  • Elektroniskinik nipilersuusiorneq
  • Nipilersuusiat tusagassiutillu
  • Taalliorneq/Taallioqatigiinneq
  • Takutitsineq
  • Aningaasaateqarfinnut qinnuteqarneq
  • allarpassuillu…

There will also be excellent opportunities for getting out in the back country by snowmobile or dogsled and experience the extraordinary greenlandic nature firsthand.

There’s also still a few open spots on Greenland Listening Room Retreat if you want to immerse yourself fully in the arts and craft of songwriting with fellow songwriters for 5 days.

Dates are: march 26th – april 2nd

Come join us for an unforgettable and productive time ?